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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you administer COVID-19 vaccines?
Answer: Yes.  We administer the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines on Wednesdays.  Vaccines are administered via appointment.  Click HERE to schedule one.

Question: What other immunizations can you provide?
Answer: We can administer vaccines for influenza, pneumonia, meningitis, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, acelluar pertussis), and shingles.

Question: Do I need to schedule an appointment for other vaccinations?
Answer: Appointments for other vaccines are not necessary.  However we do ask that you contact the pharmacy approximately 30 minutes before your expected arrival time to shorten wait times.

Question: Can I get tested for COVID-19 at your pharmacy?
Answer: Yes - currently we perform the Rapid Antigen test daily via appointment.  There is a charge of $65.00 due to the inability to directly bill insurance companies (with the exception of Medicare).  Results from the test are typically given within 1 hour of the test.  If you would like to schedule an appointment click HERE to get started.

Question: Can you deliver medications?
Answer: Yes!  We do free home delivery to the immediately and surrounding areas of Washingtonville.  Deliveries are usually performed in the afternoon.

 Do I need to register with your pharmacy before using your services?
Answer: Registration is not required.  Simply have your prescriber send prescriptions directly to us, and we can fill them upon receipt.

: I have a prescription that was sent to another pharmacy but I'd like for it to be filled with your pharmacy.  How can I go about doing so?
Answer: Prescriptions for non-controlled substances can be transferred between pharmacies.  We can contact the other pharmacy to have a prescription transferred at your request.  One fill of a prescription can be transferred at a time per New York State regulations.  Regulations regarding transfers across different states my apply.

Question: Can you dispose of medications for me?
Answer: We can take most medications for disposing purposes.  Note that we cannot take needles, inahlers, aerosol cannisters, thermometers, or hydrogen peroxide.

: I am renewing my driver's license and need an vision test.  Do you perform this test?
Answer: Yes, we perform the vision test for a driver's license renewal.  No appointment is necessary; you may simply show up and request one.  A $10.00 service fee is charged for the test.

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